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LG P900RONL -8.0kg, Plastic Body, Roller Jet Pulsator




LG P900RONL -8.0kg, Plastic Body, Roller Jet Pulsator, Collor Scubber, Soak, Dark Blue: Key Features: Roller Jet Pulsator 3 Wash Program Wind Jet Dry Rat Away Roller Jet Pulsator: The roller rub and scrub clothes with added friction to remove dust and mites, delivering a cleaner more sanitized wash. 3 Wash Program: Gentle, Normal, Strong: Customize your wash: three wash programs let you choose the right cycle and care for every type for fabric. Wind Jet Dry: This LG technology reduces residual moisture so that clothes come out of the machine ready to iron and wear. The spin cycle introduces circulating air into the tub, which removes water, dries out the washing tub, and keeps it free of mold. Rat Away Technology: LG's latest range of semi-automatic wash machines are equipped with Rat Away, a 3mm-thick plastic cover containing a rat-repellent chemical that protects your appliance from rodents and enhances durability and performance.


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