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Craftex Sharon Brush 5055

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Carpet Cleaning Machines

The CRAFTEX SHARON BRUSH 5055 CLEANING MACHINE is a professional, self-contained injection/extraction machine which is specifically designed for ease of use, and recommended for small areas of upholstery, carpet and hard floor - switching between surfaces is simply achieved by turning a lever, and/or raising or lowering the adjustable powerbrush. The SHARON BRUSH 5055 separates into two pieces for even easier storage and transporting. Other features include an automatic cut-off system when recovery level is high, 2 x 12-litre solution/recovery tanks, a 1000 watt 3-stage vacuum motor capable of extracting 50 litres/second and a 4-bar (58psi) piston pump. A triple jet wand is included, as is a 10-metre cable, 2.5-metre hose assembly and the CRAFTEX PLASTIC UPHOLSTERY HANDTOOL.

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