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Mercedes-Benz E-Class 450 4MATIC Wagon

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E 450 4MATIC Wagon

INNOVATION: For generations, no other wagon has been so coveted for its innovation, luxury, safety and style. In many ways, it's always been a masterpiece of intelligence. The 2019 E 450 4MATIC Wagon is simply the most masterful, and beautiful, yet. It'll change how you change lanes. And extend your vision by miles. Available Active Lane Change Assist makes changing lanes as easy as signaling for one. "Car-to-X Communication" connects every new E-Class to a data center, to send you in-car updates about driving conditions before you get to them. It can look out for you in more ways. And move you farther from harm's way. PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side is an industry-first option that can help prepare you for an impending side impact. By rapidly inflating the front-seat bolster, it can move you further from an intrusion and help reduce impact forces. It evolves the benefits of opposable thumbs. Two smartphone-like pads let you control many features without taking a hand from the wheel. Swipe and select from the central screen with your right thumb. Change settings on the screen between the gauges with your left. When it hears a crash coming, it can guard your hearing. Mercedes-Benz engineers are human engineers first. When PRE-SAFE® Sound senses an impending collision, it emits safe "pink noise" via the audio system to pre-trigger your ears' natural defense against the loud noises of an accident. DESIGN Spacious, meet stylish. Sensible, meet sensuous. The E-Class Wagon cabin is a flowing sculpture where information flows seamlessly as well. From intuitive controls to aromatherapy and a hot stone massage, it's a sensation for all your senses. Expansive, brilliant, and easy to reconfigure. A panoramic 12.3-inch screen unites navigation, entertainment and many comfort settings. Animated and intuitive, it lets you personalize your E-Class to suit your needs. An optional second 12.3-inch screen includes a reconfigurable instrument cluster. [6] Flexible, spontaneous, and also easy to reconfigure. With a 40/20/40 second row and a rear-facing third row, the E-Class Wagon can seat up to seven or carry an abundance of cargo. A parcel net, elastic side strap, vertical net and self-rising cover await you inside its power liftgate. Atmosphere, ambience, and an aura that adapts to yours. Finely crafted finishes and sustainable materials surround you. Climate and sound systems immerse you. An E-Class cabin suits your style, and even changes to suit your mood with 64 colors of LED ambient lighting. PERFORMANCE Only one wagon is an E-Class. With increased biturbo power, agile all-wheel-drive handling, standard load leveling, and five selectable drive modes, you can enjoy space in the back and sportiness on a back road at the same time. Two turbos, nine speeds, five drive modes The E 450's new 362-hp biturbo V6 is more responsive yet responsible. Its advanced 9-speed delivers swift and smooth shifts. And DYNAMIC SELECT lets you fine-tune the drivetrain, chassis and more with the tap of a console button. In the moment on any road, in every season Standard 4MATIC® all-wheel drive responds instantly to the grip at each wheel. Available AIR BODY CONTROL handles curves and cargo with equal expertise. It's self-leveling, self-lowering, and driver-adjustable.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

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