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HD9 Professional

Fast speeds and smart design make the HD9 Professional the perfect machine for sewing and quilting! You'll find everything you need to complete projects quickly and easily. With sewing speeds up to 1,600 stitches per minute, serious sewists can experience efficiency like never before and with sturdy construction including eight enclosed ball bearings in the main shaft of the machine you will experience the quiet and smooth sewing that Janome is known for. The side-loading jumbo bobbin allows for easy access, holding 1.4X more thread than a standard bobbin. When sewing with average weights of thread, the automatic thread cutter can be accessed via the thread cutter button or the remote thread cutter - making the end of each seam that much easier to finish; heavier weight threads are not a problem either with the new Heavy Weight Thread Guide (HWTG). Tackle home décor and leather crafts with beautiful seams and top-stitching when using heavy weight threads on denim, canvas and leather. Key Features : High speed straight stitch-only Speeds up to 1,600 stitches per minute Industrial pretension threading / Built-in needle threader Memorized needle up/down Speed control slider Automatic thread cutter Adjustable knee lift Independent bobbin winder motor Extra high presser foot lift Foot pressure adjustment by dial with indicator Up to 11lbs. of presser foot pressure Vertical full rotary, industrial hook bobbin Maximum stitch length 6mm Remote thread cutter operation compatible via socket Industrial HLx5 needle Highly responsive foot control Vertical, two spool thread delivery Heavy weight thread guide


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