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LG 21kg TWINWash™Mini w/ On-Door Control Panel & TurboWash




FH0C8CDSK73_F70E1UDNK1 21kg MEGA Capacity with 3.5kg TWINWash™Mini w/ On-Door Control Panel & TurboWash® Key Features: LG TWINWash™ Compatible Elevated Drum On-Door Control Panel 10 Year Warranty on Motor TurboWash™ LG TWINWash™ If LG Front Loader meets with TWINWash™Mini, you can enjoy the incredible washing performance & efficiency of TWINWash™ 6 Motion DD technology provides optimized motion combinations for each fabric type. So it delivers powerful washing performance with less damage. TurboWash 2.0: TurboWash™ technology reduces laundry time up to 30 minutes, but with the same washing performance. Twin Spray douses clothes with concentrated detergent for quicker distribution. High-pressure Atomizing Rinse Spray improves and speeds up rinsing during the spin cycle. Centrifugal Motion dissolves detergent better with enhanced movement. Steam: The Allergiene™ Cycle removes common household allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. Allergen Sanitization penetrates fibers with atomized steam to deeply sanitize. Allergen Dissolution uses optimal temperatures to dissolve loosened allergens from clothes. Allergen Removal discards all allergens during the rinse and spin cycles.


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