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Coodoc is a web and mobile application and a platform which allows generating interactive and feature-rich web pages which can be accessed through QR code or barcodes.
QR Codes are like the fingerprints of documents. Their black and white dots can be arranged in millions of ways, so that we can generate a unique QR code for each page. Scanning the QR Code allows the users to get immediate access to the corresponding documentation and its attachments such as customer guide, user manual and pictures and videos. QR codes are small enough to be put on a variety of objects and they are visible enough not to be missed by us!
The advantage of Coodoc is that it aggregates the manuals and documentation of all your products and services in a single application. It is very unlikely that people would like to install a mobile application for each of the products they use. However, they will probably be keen to install one application which contains all of their documentation. Moreover, Coodoc is just more than documentation, it provides what we call "augmented documentation" which is extending documents, making them intreactive, multi-language and social!
Coodoc can not only provide instant access to user manuals and documentations on products and services, but also allow connecting with other people who are interested in those products and services. This allows giving and getting recommendations, asking questions and forming social networks around products and services. In future it will also allow registering and activating them for being able to benefit from the product warantee.
All types of products can benefit from Coodoc. The most evident cases are those products which have paper manuals and documentation today. Using Coodoc will allow these products to save paper - and money, and trees - by reducing the size of the manuals to the minimum and by completing them with a full documentation on the Coodoc platform which can be accessed through a QR Code. The QR code of course will be placed on the shorter manual in that scenario. Other products which don't have any documentation - due to lack of space on their packaging for example, like wine, jam and clothes can also befit from a more comprehensive documentation thanks to Coodoc. You can tell more stories about products or services without need to add additional space on your packaging or communication space.
Absolutely! Coodoc allows the registration of pages in different languages and uploading of the attached documentation in also possible different languages. They will be all related to the same master page and thus the same QR Code.

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