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Baileigh Industrial UNIVERSAL BENDER (MPB-275)

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(MPB-275)/SKU: 2006518

The MPB-275 high-speed universal bender is truly a do-it-all machine when is comes to draw bending metal. This multi-purpose machine has the ability to do tight hook bending, scrolling, and even some rotary draw bending up to 31.75mm schedule 40 pipe capacity. Take a look at the impressive list of features Max rotation 9999° bi-directional 5 second 180° bend speed 6 rpm max output 31.75mm SCH40 pipe capacity 12.7mm x 50.8mm easy way solid steel capacity 25.4mm x 25.4mm solid bar capacity 25.4mm steel bar capacity Includes bend pins (50.8mm tall) - 3.0 IR, 2.5 IR, 2.0 IR, 1.5 IR, 1.25, 1.0, 0.625 IR Includes Universal Bending Plate with 4 hardened lock pins Includes nose bending tool Includes roller bending tool Includes one rotating stop Aand one fixed stop Includes adapter to run standard tooling Includes 4 shear pins Contact Baileigh Industrial today for more details.

MPB 275/User manual

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