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HACH Anemometer Datalogger

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Datalogging Anemometers automatically record up to 99 datapoints internally or nearly unlimited with the included 2GB SD card. The removable SD card is easy to transport and insert into a computer’s memory card slot or SD card reader. Uploads pre-formatted data to Excel, without the need for additional software and cables. Each data set includes air speed, air temperature, time and date. Features min/max, auto power off, low battery indicator and hold function. Vane anemometers work with a freely turning turbine that rotates at a speed directly proportional to the wind speeds. Useful for a wide variety of applications including relatively harsh environments. Range: 79 ~ 6890 Ft/min or 0.4 ~ 30 m/S. Reads air velocity and temperature SD memory card datalogger Detachable probe for measuring flexibility Tripod mounting screw.Reads air velocity and temperature Thermocouple probe can be added to transform anemometer to a K/J type thermocouple -not included. SD memory card datalogger Record your data on the included SD card or manually. Each data set includes temperature, time and date. Detachable probe for measuring flexibility Vane probe can reach into spaces for air speed measurements while you easily view the meter display in hand. Tripod mounting screw Tripod not included.

Anemometer Datalogger/Instruction Manual

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