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Aleve-D Sinus & Headache 220mg

D Sinus & Headache 220mg

Aleve-D Sinus & Headache: Get all-day relief from cold and sinus symptoms, like headache, sinus pressure and nasal congestion Cold and sinus symptoms can ruin your entire day. That’s why Aleve-D Sinus & Headache is formulated to relieve sinus pressure and nasal congestion and the pains that come with them. Just one caplet is strong enough to give you relief for 12 hours. SPECIFICATION: Comes in a small, oval caplet form Just 1 pill can bring multi-symptom relief for up to 12 hours For cold and sinus symptoms, like sinus pressure, sinus congestion, nasal congestion and headaches Available in 10 ct Available behind the pharmacy counter without a prescription

Aleve-D Sinus & Headache

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