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Baileigh Downdraft Table DDTM-5922


Whether it is before or after, often at welding workstations grinding on the work piece has to be done. But this is a messy proposition for most shops. The DDTM-5922 downdraft grinding table from Baileigh Industrial can help. This easy to use down draft table takes all the little partials that float around the shop and pull them straight down into a contained unit and also help to clean the air. What is unique about the DDTM-5922 metal working downdraft table is that it is a self-contained unit and there is no need to hook it up to external extraction systems. It operates on 110 volt power and has two .5hp motors that produce 1790 CFM per motor. That is a lot of sucking power to keep the area clean. The filters are also fireproof on this grinding station making it very safe as well SPECIFICATION: Item Number DDTM-5922 Table Size 61" x 21.6" CFM 1790 Per Motor Number of Motors 2 Motor Hp .5 hp Filter Type 250 Micron / Fireproof Number of Filters 4 Filter Size 16" x 20" x 1" Table Load Capacity 660 lbs. Shipping Weight 550 lbs. Power 110V Shipping Dimensions 66" x 28" x 37"

Baileigh Downdraft Table DDTM-5922

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