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Shop Fox- M1054—10" x 18" Metal Cutting Bandsaw

M1054—10" x 18" Bandsaw

Description: This saw will be the workhorse in your shop! Besides having a huge cutting capacity, it features triple ball-bearing blade guides for optimal control and accuracy. Both blade control arms are adjustable, allowing them to be positioned as close to the cut as possible. This means reliably accurate cuts! Chip tray, hydraulic downfeed, coolant pump, nozzle, work stop, and hinged blade-wheel doors for easy access. Specifications: Motor size: 1-1/2 HP, 220V, single-phase Blade size: 121-1/2" x 1-1/16" x 0.035" Blade speeds: 114, 196, 288, 377 FPM Miter cutting capacity: 45-90° Max. capacity rectangular @ 90°: 10" x 18" Max. capacity round @ 90°: 10" Max. capacity rectangular @ ±45°: 7" x 9-3/8" Max. capacity round @ ±45°: 6" Centralized control panel on top of saw bow Heavy-duty, all-steel, one-piece base Adjustable hydraulic down-feed—just dial your feed rate on the control panel Worm gearbox has hardened-and-ground gears Quick-release vise for fast workpiece changes Miter cutting ability Blade wheels have heavy-duty ball bearings Magnetic safety switch Approximate shipping weight: 646 lbs.

Shop Fox- M1054—10" x 18" Metal Cutting Bandsaw

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