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Honda Robotic Lawn mower HRM310/520

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Miimo mows and charges independently, resulting in a beautifully manicured lawn with minimal owner interaction required. Miimo uses a microcomputer, timer, and sensors to provide automated, precise, unattended grass cutting. Giving you more time to do the things you really want.Depending on your lawn size and complexity, choose between Miimo HRM310, covering up to 0.37 acres and Miimo HRM520, covering up to 0.75 acres. Features HRM310 HRM520 Length (in.) 25.4 25.4 Width (in.) 21.7 21.7 Height (in.) 10.8 10.8 Weight (lbs.) 25.6 26.2 Lawn Coverage (acre) 0.37 0.75 Charging System Automatic Automatic Working slope angle (degrees) 25° 25° Cut height (in.) .8 - 2.4 .8 - 2.4 Cut width (in.) 8.7 8.7 Standard Sound level db(A), (Quiet Mode) 58, (55) 58, (55) Battery Type Li-ion 22.2V, 1.8Ah Lithium-ion 22.2V, 3.6Ah Charge Time (min) 30 60 Run Time (min) 30 60 Work Motor (W) 28.8 28.8 3 Razor Pivot Blades Y Y Start Points (Cut Zones) 3 5 3 Cutting Mode Options Directional/Random/Mixed Directional/Random/Mixed Additional Cut Features Spiral/Edge Spiral/Edge Narrow Passage Control Y Y Anti-Theft PIN Code and Alarm Y Y Quiet Timer / Mode for Night Operation Y Y Sensors-Bump, Lift, and Tilt Y Y Seasonal Timer Y Y

Robotic Lawn mower HRM310/520-USER MANUAL

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