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Marcy Mini Stepper with Bands

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Tone your upper and lower body with the compact Marcy Pro MS-69 Mini Stepper with Bands. With an easy to assemble design, the Marcy Mini Stepper with Bands allows for an efficient home gym leg work out while the included easy-grip adjustable resistance bands bring your upper body into the mix as well. Extra-wide non-slip foot pedals along with a durable steel frame construction make for a highly stable piece of exercise equipment for home use. Let the hydraulic resistance shocks sculpt your hips, thighs, calves and glutes and use the handy electronic display to view the scan mode, strides per minute, counter, timer and calories burned. Durable frame construction with wide, non-slip pedals Multi-function electronic display and attached resistance cables Hydraulic resistance shocks Maximum weight capacity: 250lb Assembled Dimensions: 19"L x 13"W x 12"H 2-year limited warranty Model using the Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 Fits Various Users Wide, non-slip pedals design The Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 includes a display screen to easily keep track of your progress Track Progress Multi-function electronic displays strides/minute, counter, timer, and calories burned.. The Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 delivers a high intensity workout anywhere Resistance Bands Provides multiple upper body workouts while simultaneously working out legs. The Mini Stepper with Bands Marcy MS-69 has large grip pedals for added safety Hydraulic Shocks Creates resistance to challenge and tone your legs while burning calories.

MS-69/Owner's manual

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