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SportsArt A983 Smith Machine

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A983 Smith Machine

The SportArt A983 Smith Machine is a beautiful addition to any club. The welded heavy-duty steel frame includes sleek lines created through bent, oval tube steel and stylish weight plate holder configuration. Electrostatic powder coating insures the finish is resistant to scratches and dings for a long term beautiful finish. The chrome Olympic bar travels on a linear bearing and chromed guide rod system for smooth execution of all Smith machine exercises including presses and squats. A Smith Machine features a barbell on vertical fixed rails, with lock-out points up and down the track. A quick twist of the wrist engages these points, locking the barbell in place. This eliminates the need for a spotter, providing weight lifters with more independence. Having a Smith Machine in your home gym allows you to perform many compound exercises safely. Compound barbell lifts are foundational to developing overall strength and muscle mass. Our Smith Machine has a bar angle that follows the natural path of movement for pressing or squatting. Features: Welded steel frame Chrome Olympic bar and plate racks Additional information Unit Weight 607.2 lbs / 276 kg Dimensions 72 x 100 x 90 in / 184 x 254 x 227.5 cm Max User Weight 500 lbs / 227.3 kg

SportsArt A983 Smith Machine

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