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SEAT Leon CUPRA The Sports Car

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Leon CUPRA The Sports Car

DESIGN Dare To Drive The Leon CUPRA has been sculpted into a streamlined, dynamic and contemporary shape. Its distinctive modern appeal comes from aerodynamic lines that make looking at the CUPRA as much of a pleasure as feeling the power of its engine. Sculpted To Perfection The Leon CUPRA has been sculpted into a streamlined, dynamic and contemporary shape. Its distinctive modern appeal comes from aerodynamic design lines that make looking at the CUPRA as much of a pleasure as driving it. All Round Dynamism What’s on the outside is sometimes just as important as what’s on the inside. And the Leon CUPRA is no exception. The design lines have been meticulously sculpted to create an aerodynamic body andthe iconic modern shape that comes to mind when your hear the word CUPRA. FULL LED HEADLAMPS Light Up The Street The Full LED headlamps in the SEAT Leon CUPRA are design icons in their own right. Bringing together beautiful design, improved technology and safety in one distinctive feature. CUPRA FRONT GRILLE A CUPRA classic: a detailed grille that delivers style and attitude to the front of your SEAT Leon. It also features the signature CUPRA badge. CUPRA SPOILER Provide your Leon CUPRA with an aerodynamic look and racing vibe thanks to a simple yet beautifully designed rear spoiler. DUAL EXHAUST PIPES The rear of the Leon CUPRA never looked so good. The dual pipes bring a daring touch to the CUPRA’s appearance. The dual exhaust pipes have been re-engineered to improve performance and consumption, also giving the CUPRA a distinctive roar. ALLOY WHEELS Make It Perfect Sharp design from top to toe.. The Leon CUPRA comes with a unique design of alloy wheels, created to perfectly complement its eye-catching exterior. TECHNOLOGY SIT BACK AND ENJOY Let advanced technology such as the Full Link Smartphone Integration and the Digital Cockpit take the stress out of being on the go, so you can simply sit back and savour every moment on the road. FULL LINK TECHNOLOGY Always Entertaining In the Leon CUPRA you can connect your smartphone to your car using Apple Car Play™, Android Auto™ or Mirror Link™ technologies, depending on your device. This means you can make the most of the music on your mobile whilst enjoying the road. DIGITAL COCKPIT Stay focused Have all your driving information right in front of you. The high resolution colour digital instrument cluster shows you everything you need, right where you need it. CUPRA DRIVE PROFILE Tailored Performance The Leon CUPRA’s performance adapts to you. The CUPRA, Sport, Comfort and Individual drive modes let you make the most of the ride by offering the perfect setting for every road. SAFETY A Safe Investment Your family’s safety is paramount, and that’s been a guiding principle in designing the Leon. We’ve loaded it with safety features to ensure the protection of its occupants – in every situation, on every journey. For SEAT, safety comes first. We work tirelessly at it so you can rest easy. TRAFFIC JAM ASSIST Stress Free In the SEAT Leon CUPRA you can turn a traffic jam into a pleasurable experience. Traffic Jam Assist calculates the distance from other vehicles and controls acceleration and braking automatically. TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION Looking Out Traffic Sign Recognition is synchronised with your front camera with sensors that can detect speed limits, overtaking restrictions and road works to warn you well in advance what’s coming up on the road ahead. PEDESTRIAN PROTECTION Pedestrian Protection senses if someone is crossing in front of the vehicle and alerts you with an acoustic and a visual signal before automatically applying the brakes. ESC Designed to predict your car’s movements, the Electronic Stability Control uses sensors to monitor the progress speed of the wheels and direction of the car and takes over in case if they detect the car is starting to slip. EMERGENCY ASSIST In the SEAT Leon CUPRA you can have peace of mind knowing that Emergency Assist acts when you’re not able to, automatically alerting you, controlling the car and applying the brakes and eventually bringing the car to a safe stop.

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