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Dodge 2018 Grand Caravan SE-Versatile Family Minivan

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2018 Grand Caravan SE Versatile Family Minivan

2018 GRAND CARAVAN SE Six-Speaker Audio System Third-Row Stow 'n Go® Seating and Storage System Featuring Class-Exclusive Tailgate Seating10 Body-Color Door Handles and Side Moldings DEMOLISH YOUR DAILY DUTIES There’s versatile. There’s smart. And then there’s both in a brilliant package full of surprises. The most versatile vehicle in its class10 offers Best-in-Class storage10 options in the most unexpected of places so you can conquer every do-it-yourself checklist. LIKE A NANNY—ONLY HIPPER An available Single DVD Entertainment System11, effortless connectivity and wireless headphones can make even the longest trips peaceful and quiet. Too bad the Dodge Brand doesn’t make family rooms. FAMILY TIME CAN BE A POWERFUL THING Power up your weekends with an engine that lets you tow your favorite toys along with your favorite boys and girls. And with a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds10, the Dodge Grand Caravan makes road-tripping and kicking every family adventure’s butt like it’s going out of style, the new style. GIVE ORDINARY THE OLD HEAVE-HO The inventor of the minivan celebrates 35 years of innovations with more than 75 minivan firsts. The Dodge Brand has set trends, not followed them. That’s what makes the Dodge Grand Caravan a kid-friendly, parent-perfect super vehicle that refuses to blend in. PROTECT YOUR MOST PRECIOUS CARGO You may have been a risk-taker in the past, but now you’re all grown up. Drive easy knowing that inside the Dodge Grand Caravan, there are numerous safety, security and technology features standard and available to help keep your family safe and secure. FUEL EFFICIENCY TAKE THE SCENIC ROUTE Make every mile matter. With dual variable valve timing, the 3.6L Pentastar® V6 engine in the Dodge Grand Caravan helps improve efficiency and maximize performance, all while delivering up to 25 highway mpg6. In addition, the Dodge Grand Caravan is the only minivan in its class under $26,000 with a Fuel Economizer Selector ENHANCE THE APPEARANCE OF YOUR DODGE GRAND CARAVAN The Dodge Grand Caravan is already crafted to give you everything you need, but we have a special batch that's not for the faint of heart. Feast your eyes on the greatest family-friendly vehicles ever made by the Dodge Brand.

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