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Q50 SE

VIEW THE WORLD WITH FRESH EYES: Life is about possibilities. The Q50 enhances the way you create them. How you define them. TECHNOLOGY Outstanding performance. Outstanding control. Our cutting-edge systems put pure power at your fingertips. A better perspective Around View® Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front and Rear Sonar takes the effort out of parking. The systems work together to produce a simulated 360° bird’s eye view to give you a better perspective of what’s around you. Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) with Distance Control Assist (DCA) Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) helps you look ahead and intuitively slows you down when traffic in front of you slows down with the Distance Control Assist (DCA). When the way is clear, it automatically accelerates back to your desired speed. Less effort, more ease. Smart Beam Assist As a courtesy to you and others, Smart Beam Assist automatically dims your high beams as oncoming vehicles approach. DYNAMIC SAFETY SHIELD Built with INFINITI Safety Shield®, our layered technologies continuously monitor conditions, helping you avoid a collision and protecting you and your passengers if one occurs. ENTERTAINMENT / COMFORT With advanced technologies, INFINITI InSuite™ anticipates your needs, simplifies tasks and allows you to enjoy the ride in complete comfort. HIGH-PERFORMANCE AUDIO The Bose® Performance Series with 16 speakers features Advanced Staging Technology that dynamically directs the music to keep you fully immersed in sonic clarity. Genuine metal grilles add a premium touch and help protect the speakers. AudioPilot® 2.0 Dynamic Noise Compensation Technology improves acoustics by constantly monitoring exterior noise and adjusting sound levels accordingly. Whether you're streaming music from your phone via Bluetooth®, playing your iPod® or tuned into Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), Centerpoint® 2.0 Surround Technology allows you to enjoy it all in vibrant surround sound. Stay connected Our InTouch system keeps you up-to-speed when you’re on the go using innovative in-car connectivity. With an intuitive interface, you can easily touch, tap or swipe to access your email, music and social media, as well as adjust your vehicle’s settings and more. YOUR CAR. YOUR SETTINGS. INFINITI Intuition instantly recognizes you and adjusts the settings of your Q50 to your own personal preferences. This fully customisable digital environment works in sync with each unique driver's INFINITI Intelligent Key. Complete comfort Our luxury crafted seats provide the driver and the front passenger with special spinal support, ensuring not just a more comfortable sitting position, but better blood pressure and less fatigue on long drives. A personalised experience INFINITI Intelligent Key customises your driving experience without ever leaving your pocket or purse. Everything from your seat position, to navigation, climate and audio preferences, to performance and steering settings will be automatically set for you as you approach the vehicle.

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