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THE INFINITI QX30 Get ahead, then go. In the INFINITI QX30, experience disruptive design and innovation to elevate your style, journey and destination. MOVE TO ADVENTURE Make your break. Power ahead and achieve the life only you can define. Escape the city limits Move from tarmac to gravel as QX30’s Intelligent All-Wheel Drive automatically adapts to the conditions to help give you better traction. 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission Leave shift delays behind with the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. It efficiently handles QX30’s power by intelligently pre-selecting lower or higher gears before a shift needs to be made, which means you change gears as fast as you press the shift paddle. Provocative design Make a statement. Get a reaction. The QX30 demands to be noticed with flowing signature bodywork and bold design features that leave an impression long after you have left. INFINITI Safety Shield® Our comprehensive ‘shield of protection’ approach to safety layers technologies to monitor conditions. They can help reduce the risk of a collision and help to protect you and your passengers if one occurs. Close connections INFINITI InTouch™ allows you to listen to your playlists, navigate unfamiliar places or just communicate with your friends.* Total command The QX30 harnesses a range of dynamic performance technologies to deliver a smooth, precise driving experience. Whether you navigate the streets or break away on the open road, find performance that keeps on giving. Electronic Brake Force Distribution Avoid loss of traction while braking with Electronic Brake Force Distribution. It intelligently distributes braking force to each wheel, depending on the conditions. This means you get better control while stopping and reduced front-end dive. Sharp and smooth Sporty yet forgiving, QX30’s shocks hold the vehicle tighter as you turn while also softening the feel of bumpy roads. It’s a rare balance of responsive handling and a smooth ride. Responds to your speed Giving an overall sporty feel, the speed-sensitive steering system is lighter at low-speed to make manoeuvres less demanding. As you reach higher speeds, it increases weight for more controlled cruising.


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