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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Coupe

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4C Spider Coupe

Alfa 4C Spider EXPERIENCE THE THRILL The first time you see an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, you'll say 'the sky's the limit'. This masterpiece in style and performance is born from the purest Alfa Romeo spirit: a project that wants to show with enthusiasm a supercar dream. A unique car, created to excite the driver, both on the tracks and on the road. From now on, every passionate driver's dream can be realised. STYLE A DREAM REALISED The Alfa Romeo 4C design takes its inspiration from our rich history , taking styling cues and inspiration from the unmistakable style of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Built in Modena, Alfa Romeo 4C combines two unique qualities: Alfa engineering & Maserati manufacturing, in one. 4C. Pure Alfa Romeo. TECHNOLOGY READY TO REACT Reactivity is paramount in cars designed to astonish. The ALFA TCT twin dry semi=-automatic clutch with launch control optimises gear changing and acceleration, while fun on the race track is guaranteed by simply flicking the intuitive Alfa D.N.A. selector to Race mode. PERFORMANCE ENGINEERED TO THRILL. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's 1750cc turbocharged power plant is based on state-of-the-art engine technology. And Alfa Romeo's engineers have crafted this technology to be even more efficient and powerful. This small but perfectly formed solution delivers unprecedented sporting performance, worthy of any supercar, while everything is engineered to deliver the purest Alfa Romeo emotion at the wheel: drive it to believe it. MATERIALS THE WEIGHT OF LIGHTNESS Carbon fibre is the most high-tech material in automotive engineering. The chassis of Alfa Romeo 4C Spider – weighing only 73 kilograms – is a single carbon fibre body. The crankcase and the front and rear frames are made of aluminium, combining solidity and extreme lightness. The outer body is made of SMC composite: a low-density material that combines lightness (it is 20% lighter than steel) and dimensional stability comparable to steel that is superior to aluminium. DYNAMISM PERFECT BALANCE, PERFECT PERFORMANCE With its mid-engine configuration and extremely sophisticated suspension layout (superimposed wishbone up front, evolved McPherson on the rear), Alfa Romeo 4C is perfectly balanced and masters the road at any speed. The powerful braking system, with self-ventilating perforated discs and Brembo callipers on the front wheels, allows Alfa Romeo 4C to stop from 62 mph to 0 in only 36 metres. Furthermore, Alfa Romeo 4C fits different diameter tyres on the front and rear, to ensure perfect grip on all types of roads, in any weather. EFFICIENCY CONCENTRATED EFFICIENCY The total dry weight of the car is only 940 kilograms. This is why Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has one of the lowest weight/power ratios: less than 4 kg/hp. With the comeback of rear-wheel drive configuration, Alfa Romeo 4C secures a great driving experience and unmistakable racing feel.

2018 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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