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Citroën SpaceTourer/ MPV&People Carrier

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SpaceTourer/ MPV&People Carrier

Do you dream of an escape for the whole family? Citroën SpaceTourer opens up a field of possibilities! In a world where group travel makes sense, Citroën SpaceTourer is an MPV full of character that makes your life easier. Spacetourer's cutting edge technology ensures a dynamic performance, remarkable fuel efficiency together with outstanding comfort, practicality and a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating. LED DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS The vertical LED daytime running lights are located in the extension of the wheel arches. They blend harmoniously above the fog lamps, giving SpaceTourer an adventurist look. PLENTY OF LIGHT & EASY ACCESS The side view of Citroën SpaceTourer with its wide sliding side door and large windows emphasise the generous and welcoming cockpit. You are welcome! REAR WINDOW A blend of style and functionality, the rear of Citroën SpaceTourer reveals a large tailgate reminiscent of travel, which hints of a spacious interior. SIZES TO MEET ANY CHALLENGE Citroën SpaceTourer is available in two lengths (M: 4.96 m, XL: 5.30 m) including a segment-first compact version accommodating up to 9 people. 1.90 METRES TALL At 1.90m high, Citroën SpaceTourer provides easy access to city car parks, underground parking, shopping centres and airports. The optimised dimensions of the SpaceTourer (L: 4.96m to 5.30m, W: 1.92m, H: 1.90m), associated with electro-hydraulic steering and a turning circle of 12.40m, make the Citroën SpaceTourer an agile MPV that meets the requirements of all drivers. COMFORT The spacious interior of Citroën SpaceTourer was conceived with consideration of each individual passenger, to offer the best comfort levels. Long journeys' or small getaways become moments of relaxation. WELCOMING INTERIOR The seats are upholstered in soft and warm material, providing the highest level of seat comfort. Seated in rows 2 or 3, you'll experience first class leg room, sliding and reclining seats with comfortable head and arm rests reinforce this. DASHBOARD The dashboard is positioned for ease of the driver - everything is at hand. The control dials, 7 '' touch screen, heating controls, storage compartments, even the release button for the electric sliding side doors are within reach! ROOM FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY From your eldest's surfboard to your youngest's guitar, Citroën SpaceTourer has room for everything. LIKE HOME ... A welcoming interior, a commanding driving position, sliding seats, a sunroof, optimum ride comfort and acoustic treatment of a high quality... You just have to enjoy the journey as if you were at home. Welcome to your rolling living room! KING OF SILENCE The acoustic treatment of Citroën SpaceTourer means you can travel with confidence ... Well, not counting the troops in the back! The atmosphere inside has been created so that calm is the keyword. PANORAMA AND MORE Plenty of light is available with the roof and sliding side door, enjoy a panoramic view that will make every trip an adventure. The large glass roof which is concealed in two separate parts allows you to enjoy natural light. TECHNOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE With useful functions such as keyless entry and start and hands-free opening electric sliding doors, Citroën SpaceTourer offers technologies that facilitate daily life. HANDS FREE OPENING Hands full? No problem: The sliding doors can be opened by passing your foot under the corner of the rear bumper. A real asset when it comes to installing a child seat or a booster seat. Exclusive for this segment. EVERYTHING FOR YOUR SAFETY ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL Adaptive cruise control enables Citroën SpaceTourer to adapt its speed to vehicles in front. The technology reduces speed by up to 12.5 mph in unpredictable traffic conditions, such as on busy motorways. BLIND SPOT MONITORING This monitoring technology detects vehicles travelling close behind, hidden by the rear view mirror ‘blind spot’. A bright orange warning light is activated in your wing mirror, providing an instant warning. SPEED LIMIT SIGN RECOGNITION Recognising speed limits in real time, Speed limit Sign Recognition uses an on board camera to read signs and send clear recommendations to the driver. Then you simply set the right maximum on the cruise control. ACTIVE SAFETY BRAKE The multi-function camera on the upper part of the windscreen detects obstacles, such as vehicles driving in the same direction or at a halt. The sensor works by the brakes automatically if a risk of collision is detected. 0-20 mph: avoid collision with moving or fixed obstacles and pedestrians. above 20 mph: speed reduction before impact.

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