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Kenmore 31150 Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum

31150 Upright Vacuum

Say Goodbye to Dust & Dander: Get rid of pet hair, dust, allergens and more with the Kenmore Elite pet-friendly bagged upright vacuum. After sweeping through the house with is easy-to-use vacuum, you can take a deep breath of fresh air. This vacuum is low-maintenance with a HEPA filter, dirt sensors and pet hair removal attachments. Built with a powerful inducer motor that gives you 20% more air power than the conventional Kenmore upright vacuum motor Infrared dirt sensor activates an LED light when it detects Dirt is still being picked up, so you can be sure you'll get it all A telescoping wand helps you reach those awkward corners, steep stairways and high-up shelves for a full-house cleaning Pet Handi-Mate® attachment gathers pet hair and dander HEPA filter traps dust, pollen and other allergens 5-position height attachment lets you take on plush carpeting to hardwood floors with optimal airflow YOU HAVE THE POWER The 3D Inducer Motor™ combines the power of three motors to deliver powerful beltless suction that cuts down on maintenance and repairs. FULL AND POWERFUL Thanks to the Power Flow design, a full bag won't cause a drop in suction or performance, so you have the power you need to finish the job. SEES DIRT YOU DON'T To keep you focused on cleaning hard-to-see dirt, the Infrared Dirt Sensor activates a LED that tells you where to focus cleaning power, then turns off when the floor is clean.

Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly Bagged Upright Vacuum

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