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BLACKANDDECKER Cordless Lithium FLEX™ Car Vacuum HFVAB320JC26

The FLEX™ ultracompact handheld car vacuum reaches under seats, in crevices, and between cushions with ease. Cordless portability combined with a 4-ft. hose and 4 detail accessories mean nothing from trunk to floor mats is out of reach. Strong, long-lasting suction ensures you can finish what you start, and there's an easy-empty washable bowl for effortless maintenance. Features + Benefits : Count on strong portable suction powered by a lightweight lithium battery and strong performance motor for cleaning the car 4 foot flexible hose and 4 detail accessories make it easy to Quickly tackle messes in the car Quickly de-fur car seats upholstery with pet hair brush. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to easy-off washable bowl and filters. Know at a glance when it's time to empty the translucent dirt bowl. Extended Peak performance thanks to thorough three-stage filtering. For easy surface dashboard dusting, just use the flip-up dusting brush. Product Specs: BATTERY SENSE false Battery Type Lithium-Ion Cell Capacity 1.5 Charge Duration 12 hrs Charger Jack Plug Dustbowl Capacity 18.9 oz. Duty Type Heavy Product Type Dry Replacement Filters PVF110 Suction Power 18 AW Weight 3.2 lbs Uses: Picking up dirt, small pebbles and leaves from the interior of your car Ideal for small dry food spills in between cushions and underneath seats Removes pet hair from car seats and upholstery Includes : Lithium FLEX™ Auto Hand Vacuum 1 flexible exendable crevice tool 2-in-1 Nozzle/Flip up Brush Jack Plug charger Crevice Tool Pet Hair Brush PVF110 Washable Filter Washable plastic pre-filter

BLACKANDDECKER Cordless Lithium FLEX™ Car Vacuum

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