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LG TWIN WASH12 kg/7 kg Washer Dryer , Washing Machine




FH6G1BAPK22_FH8G5XDNK3 LG TWIN WASH TW2412SHW (FH6G1BAPK22_FH8G5XDNK3, Acrylic White) 12 kg/7 kg Washer Dryer with 2 kg Top Loading Washing Machine Key Features: Total Capacity: 14 Kg (Main Wash: 12/7 Kg washer dryer and Mini Wash: 2Kg wash) TWIN WASH (Wash different clothes separately at the same time) Centum System™ (It minimizes vibration & reduces noise level upto 66dB) 6 Motion (Gives best washing performance) True Steam™ (99.99% Allergens removal. Certified by BAF) Auto Dosing System (Machine automatically detect & supply detergent as per requirement) TWINWash™, Innovative, Premium Washing Solutions: TWINWash™ is a washing solution never existed before. It is all about efficiency, helping you get more clothes cleaner in less time by washing two separate loads simultaneously. TWINWash™Mini, a pedestal type washer, helps you to give special care for special loads of laundry. Inverter Heat Pump Drying: Inverter Heat Pump Drying, an advanced drying technology provides delicate clothes care with 60~70°C low temperature drying & various special courses even in lower energy consumption, A-50%. Dual Control in One Display: You can easily and conveniently control the two compartments on the Main Washing Machine Display. Quick Circle User Interface: This unique circle LCD display in main washer let you easily and conveniently controls the two washers at once. And also you can make your own UI through "My Pattern" which is displayed your frequently used cycles. Auto Dosing System: Through the auto dosing function, you just fill the detergent once and it automatically loads the proper amount of detergent using soil sending program. Offering convenience, a 6kg package of detergent can provide up to 20 washings.


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