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Andy Warhol

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Oil on canvas, 110 cm x 110 cm

Françoise Nielly was born in Marseille and now she lives and work in Paris. She got noticed by her incredible dexterity to handle the knife and the oil. Exposing all over the world, her art tries to move closer to the technique of the Cubists which consists in a representation of bodies of facets and a slightly acid pop universe which is inspired by paintings of Andy Warhol. Tasks spring. Colors are lively. Faces appear in this chain of knocks and forms. An effective mixture which shakes the retina as a delicious but bitter candy. Françoise NIELLY, destructures and decomposes the faces by her work on colors, it’s in direct lineage of a Picasso or a Bacon. She reveals in a video interview that for her; “life is something maybe too hard, too sad. So I look and eat the colors and I put all that energy into the paintings.” The forms and the volumes arise from the color. These colors, lively and brilliant, who remind her the colors of the landscapes of the South of France where she spent her childhood, offer to its works an expressiveness, a strength and a processing of the striking portrait. Her own way, of her own, Françoise Nielly Françoise Nielly redoes the human face in each of his paintings. And she redoes it with snout, with knife gashed on the face. The brightness of life which appear from her painting arise from a hand-to-hand fight with the painting. The color is launched as a missile. Her energy gives to every touch the intensity of a sound vibration. The spots of painting are musical touches, Dissonant and noisy as the life.

Andy Warhol

Language : French


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Andy Warhol

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