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CanoScan 3200F

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CanoScan 3200F

The scanner for everyone. The CanoScan 3200F Color Image Scanner is Canon innovation at its best - a photo, film and document scanner so versatile and easy to use, it truly is the scanner for everyone. Power scanning. Push-button ease. The 3200F scanner includes a built-in 35mm film adapter, so you can easily scan your negatives and slides and incorporate them into any project. You can achieve a maximum 9600 dpi software enhanced resolution with more than 281 trillion possible colors (maximum 48-bit color depth) for great-looking film or photo scans every time. Four easy buttons automate the entire scanning process: in one step you can scan, copy, e-mail or file your choice of photos or documents. Canon integrated technology automatically removes much of the dirt and scratches that may appear on your original images. The results? Your scans will yield richer, cleaner, more robust images. Intelligent design, inside and out. The feature-rich 3200F scanner is a true pleasure to use. Its unique Z-Lid? expansion top lifts approximately 1 inch vertically and lays flat to properly scan bulky items such as books or magazines, making it easier to get clear, high-quality scans. Built-in software lets you scan several photos in one pass, saving time and effort. Also included is a powerful suite of applications featuring Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition(Windows? only) to help you organize your photos and even create slide shows. A USB 2.0 Hi-Speed interface enables incredibly fast image transfers and scanning speeds up to 2.5x faster* than USB 1.1 equipped Window-based computers.

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