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Barilla ProteinPLUS® Penne Pasta With Spring Vegetables

ProteinPLUS® Penne Pasta

Barilla® ProteinPLUS® Penne is a delicious multigrain pasta made with simple ingredients like flaxseed, barley, and oats, plus protein-rich chickpeas, lentils, and egg whites, and is a good source of lean protein. Make ProteinPLUS® a part of your next healthy, nutritious pasta meal! Penne is one of the most famous Italian pasta shapes and greatly loved across Italy. Penne, which means "pen" in Italian, is a tube-shape with angled ends, inspired by the quill of an old-style ink pen. Ridged penne are designed for meat, vegetable, cheese and oil or butter-based sauces. They are also perfect for baked dishes made with sauce and cheese. COOKING YOUR PASTA: Cook Barilla ProteinPLUS® Penne in boiling water for 11 minutes, then drain and serve according to the recipe directions. For more tender pasta, boil an additional minute. Due to its higher protein content, ProteinPLUS® takes several more minutes to cook than traditional pasta. Colorful fresh vegetables feature in this light spring dish. Ingredients: 4 lb. Barilla ProteinPLUS® Penne; 2 cups extra-virgin olive oil; 2 cups chopped white onions; 8 cloves minced garlic ;4 lbs. trimmed, sliced on bias asparagus ;50 oz. halved cherry tomatoes ;1 1/2 lb. half moons yellow squash; As needed salt; As needed pepper; 3 cups vegetable stock ;24 leaves julienned fresh basil. Instructions: Step 1: Cook the Barilla® pasta for half the time indicated on the package. Drain pasta and drizzle with some olive oil to prevent from sticking. Step 2: Place pasta flat on sheet trays or hotel pans and cool in a blast chiller. Alternatively, cool it down in a walk-in cooler. Store in zip lock bags or sealed plastic container; refrigerate and use within several hours. Step 3: For each serving, to order: Reheat 1 1/3 cups pasta in boiling salted water for 40 to 60 seconds. Heat 2 tsp. oil and saute 1 1/2 Tbsp. onions and 1/3 clove garlic until translucent. Add 3 oz. asparagus and toss briefly. Add 1/3 cup tomatoes and 1/3 cup squash and saute until tomatoes are softened. Drain and add pasta to pan with 2 Tbsp. stock or pasta water; season with salt and pepper. Plate and garnish with basil.

Barilla ProteinPLUS® Penne Pasta With Spring Vegetables

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