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Vitamins And Minerals Pharmaton Capsules

PHARMATON COMPLEX 90 CAPSULES: Helps to regain power in times of fatigue: changes of station, in periods of tests, convalescence or periods of wear due to overload of work, before and after vacation. It improves physical and mental performance. It improves the quality of life strengthening the response to the stress of everyday life. It strengthens the defenses. G115® Ginseng is a standardized extract of natural origin that has a general tonic effect and increases the capacity of adaptation of the organism in situations of lack of energy. Standardized G115® Ginseng extract, increases oxygen utilization in the different organs of the body (muscles, brain,...) optimizing energy production to cope with the physical and mental fatigue. Its beneficial effect has been scientifically proven. Recommendations for use: Is advised to take when the circumstances of our pace of life may cause situations of tiredness, malaise, weakness and exhaustion to affect our physical and mental performance. The recommended usual dose is 1 capsule daily, preferably in the morning, the breakfast-. Pharmaton® Complex contains a source of phenylalanine that must be taken into account by the phenylketonuric patients. Composition: 11 vitamins, Pro-vitamins, 9 minerals and trace elements


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