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kawasaki NINJA® ZX™-6R


NINJA® ZX™-6R Raising the bar yet again for 2019, the latest Ninja® ZX™-6R motorcycle boasts a potent 636cc engine, advanced electronics and a newly designed chassis. The “636” has been optimized for the street and the track, offering an exhilarating experience in a wide range of riding situations. FEATURING: HIGHEST VALUE IN MIDSIZE SPORTBIKES - STARTING AT $9,999* 636cc INLINE FOUR-CYLINDER DOHC ENGINE NEW KAWASAKI QUICK SHIFTER (KQS) NEW HIGH-GRADE INSTRUMENTATION NEW STYLING WITH TWIN LED HEADLIGHTS AND TAILLIGHT NEW BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22 TIRES NEW OPTIMIZED GEAR RATIO

kawasaki NINJA® ZX™-6R

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