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Samsung 30" Single Wall Oven with Flex Duo™

30" Single Wall Oven with Flex Duo™

Steam Cook Bake, broil and roast with a cooking system that delivers moisture at the right times to ensure tenderness. Flex Duo™ Technology A removable divider that converts one oven to two to cook multiple dishes at once. Fingerprint resistant Helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance Dual Convection Two powerful convection fans that circulate heat cooks food evenly and saves time. Blue LED illuminated knobs Distinctive blue LED lights illuminate when the oven is in use. Wi-Fi Connectivity Monitor and control the oven from anywhere. Gliding rack Provides the simplest access to food in the oven. Gourmet Cook Gourmet Cook is a pre-programmed recipe guide that helps you cook with consistently great results.

Samsung NV51K7770SS 30" Single Wall Oven

Language : English


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Samsung 30" Single Wall Oven with Flex Duo™

Language : English


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